Two marketing strategies

In corporate strategy there are basically two modes for winning in the marketplace.


Either you go for economies of scale. You try to be big and win by cost leadership (fixed costs vs. throughput). That is what often happens in old industries or with mature markets and products.


In that case you will want a very lean business and a clear message of what you are about to accomplish. And, following from that, a good collaboration between functions (sales, development, supply chain...) and across unit boundaries.


Or -- you go for the additional value: Being close to your customers´ ever mobile needs. Joint developments, flexibility paired with reliability, excellent support in case of need.


And yes: there are companies which start right there: with the question of "how can we make the customer happy?" - and still are profitable!


It might be that they are swift, resourceful, willing to let go (to a certain degree) of what you have done so far in order to do something new.


Finetuning the organisation - which is more of an art than a show of muscles.


And it begins at the top.